Since opening our firm in 2002, the Law Office of Michael D. Mirne, L.L.C. has been active in the practice of Collection Law. Coupled with our tenancy practice, we have been successful at obtaining money judgments against both residential and commercial tenants. Since New Jersey Courts take a bifurcated approach to resolving tenancy disputes, evicting the tenant is only half the battle. The challenge sometimes begins when a Landlord has to track down the tenant and commence legal proceedings to recover the unpaid rents that the tenant owes to the Landlord. Our office has the resources to track down your delinquent tenants and pursue legal actions for their past due balances. We will handle your entire matter, from sending the debtor a letter that is compliant with the Federal Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, to filing a civil action either in the Special Civil Part or Law Division of the Superior Court, to docketing your judgment if necessary. We can also perform wage garnishments if necessary.

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