Estate Planning

The Law Office of Michael D. Mirne, L.L.C. provides Estate Planning services, including the drafting of wills, trusts and medical directives. Estate planning allows our clients and their families an opportunity to prepare for their futures and avoid potentially overwhelming difficulties from occurring down the road. Most people are already aware of the importance of having a will in order to provide for a spouse or a child in the event of death or disability. Surprisingly, many New Jersey residents do not have a will or trust. Nearly everyone will benefit from setting up an estate plan. It is crucial to customize your estate plan to serve your individual needs and objectives.

We encourage you to take care of your will, trust and basic estate planning needs now, while you still have the health, well-being and judgment that would be necessary for making critical decisions. We also encourage you to prepare a health care directive (also called a “living will”) and health care proxy (also called a “health case representative”), so in the event you are hospitalized or incapacitated, the medical professionals who are treating you will be properly guided as to your wishes. Please consult with our office to see how we can help.

The Law Office of Michael D. Mirne handles your personal and business financial matters with the personal attention and professional care that they deserve. In order to best serve your estate planning objectives, we carefully listen to your intentions and then we structure and prepare an estate plan that will best achieve the results you desire. We will also work with your accountant or tax advisor to ensure that our plan also meets your tax objectives in the best possible way. Our firm takes a great deal of pride in our ability to solve complex estate problems for individuals and their families. This requires and professional attention to detail, as well as experience and an in-depth knowledge of continually evolving tax laws.

Some of the documents that our office will prepare include the following:

  • Last wills and testaments
  • Codicils to last wills and testaments
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Trusts (including testamentary trusts)
  • Living wills and healthcare proxies

Our firm offers simple solutions to difficult estate planning problems, which may involve the use of will and trust documents in order to legally to protect assets from undue taxation. We will prepare documents in order to satisfy our clients’ goals, while also conforming with federal and state laws. Plans can be structured to ensure financial security for spouses, children and your other loved ones. Our firm will also prepare living wills that are specifically tailored to meet each client’s individual requirements to ensure that their wishes are met in the event of hospitalization or incapacitation. For assistance in drafting your will or trust document, please contact our office today.

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